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Advantages of Windows 10, operating system of Microsoft

Meta: Since its launch, Windows 10 has shown its outstanding advantages through a series of improvements in every aspect; which helps it conquer and attract a lot of users around the globe.

Windows 10 is one of the latest operating systems for computers which is released by Microsoft. Since its launch, Windows 10 has received a lot of positive feedbacks from users. It is undeniable that Windows 10 provides a completely new and more convenient computer interface, which helps improve transition experience for users. So, what are the advantages of Windows 10?

Free upgrade and good performance

Normally, you have to pay if you want to upgrade the previous versions of Windows. However, Microsoft encourages people to upgrade to Windows 10 completely free. Currently Windows 10 has been complete. It is the operating system optimized with the best hardware and software today. 

With the latest DirectX, DirectX 12, this latest version brings many outstanding features such as reducing power consumption, increasing frame rates, and improving advanced graphics effects today. DirectX 12 only works best when it is used on a computer running Windows 10. 

Windows 10 is one of the latest operating system for computers

Furthermore, the latest mode “Game Mode” is optimized and processed when playing games. When users open Game Mode, there are game options such as returning to the screen with just a  few clicks. Microsoft is equipping Windows 10 for all laptops and computers in the future. So, you will not have to worry about Driver’s problems if you want to upgrade to Windows 10. 

Most new machines today currently meet Windows 10. Microsoft is trying to create a lighter version of Windows 10 so that low-power machines are still in use. The compatibility of the hardware is very important. It helps your computer run more smoothly, optimize the system. Moreover, you do not have to search for driver every time you install Windows. 

Extremely good security

This is proven when the majority of Windows 10 users no longer use anti-virus software. The updating versions and security patches of Windows 10 are regularly checked. The default Windows Defender found on Windows 10 has passed a recent AV-Test Institute test and shows that this application now better protects users against security risks. 

The most recent evidence shows that machines using Windows 10 are able to avoid malicious code such as WannaCry ransomware. 

Windows 10 is provided as a kind of service and will continue to receive new security and feature updates from Microsoft. The new Edge browser helps users quickly browse, read, and share web pages, from that increasing security and adding interactivity. When users click the note icon (Web Note) in the upper right corner, there will appear tools to interact with the site.

The new browser also supports private browsing (open a new tab with the new InPrivate Windows option). All cookies, history and temporary files will be erased when closing the InPrivate tab. Windows 10 is also known as a convergence platform that brings better performance. 

Windows 10 has a lot of good features 

With these features, Windows 10 helps organizations and businesses improve their productivity, save time and money and they can even leverage these resource to reinvest in business operations goals. 

Modern and easy-to-use interface

The user interface is the most important factor when you consider using Windows 10. A good interface must be easy to use. Through many comprehensive changes, Microsoft has brought a good interface with outstanding features for users. Also, built-in apps such as Photos, Maps, and Microsoft’s new music app, Groove, Movies & TV offer a variety of entertainment options for users.

Innovation in web browsers

The old Internet Explorer web browser seems to have been forgotten by users because of its slow surfing speed and unfriendly interface. Understand this, Microsoft decided to upgrade the web browser to Microsoft Edge browser. As a result, the browsing speed is optimized. Users are also satisfied with Reading View mode when any element not related to the main content of the web will be removed. This feature helps users not be distracted when surfing websites.

Innovation in search engines

The new search engine of the new version of Windows 10 is characterized by an artificial intelligence called Cortana. It can be said that this is a breakthrough of Microsoft because it has helped to personalize and make computer operating systems closer to users. 

When performing a search with Cortana, you can choose to enter your information into the box or start with the words: “Hey Cortana” and enclose the phrase you are searching for. 

Although Windows 10 is designed to be the best operating system, Microsoft still takes a lot of time to make it better. With the outstanding features that Microsoft brings in Windows 10, this operating system really worth a try.

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