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Compare Cloud Server with Vps and Dedicated Server

Meta: Here are some useful information about Vps, Cloud Server and Dedicated Server.

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Cloud Server, VPS and Dedicated Server are 3 common server systems. In fact,  although they have similarities but they still possess many different features.  The following article will give you some useful information and point out the differences of the three types of services.

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What is Cloud Server?

Cloud Server is a form of virtual server developed primarily based on cloud computing technology. Cloud Server not only possesses outstanding advantages in performance, speed and stability, it also has a large amount of resources and high scalability, so it is extremely popular with users.

What is VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a form of virtual server is used very popular today. It was created by dividing a physical  into many different server. Each VPS has the same features as the original server, independent of resources, has an IP address, its own RAM capacity and  operating system. Users have the right to use the entire allocated resources and manage the system as they need.

Source: viettelidc.com.vn

What is  Dedicated Server?

Besides Cloud Server and VPS, dedicated servers are known as physical servers with independent resources, not shared with any other computers. When using a dedicated server, users have complete freedom to manage and install.

Compare Cloud Server with VPS

–  Properties

Cloud Server provides simple configuration and fast deployment speed. In addition, this system also owns many convenient management interfaces along with upgraded features that will make businesses feel satisfied when choosing to use the service.

VPS is a virtual server system with high performance, similar to a private server, but in fact it still shares resources from the original physical server. Therefore, if the amount of website traffic too much , it can cause crashes or stops working.

– Price

Dedicated servers have a fixed monthly price higher than Cloud Server and VPS. Therefore, it will be more suitable for businesses with strong financial potential. In contrast, Cloud Server is a great option for businesses that want to save money because the service is charged by the hour, and the speed of deployment and processing of the server is also quite fast. It will save budget for your business.

– Ability of extension

Unlike Cloud Server, Dedicated Server is not scalable because it has only a single server to store information. Businesses also cannot backup or replace it with another device in case of sudden system failure.

Which ones should you choose?

Cloud Server is a server system suitable for many different businesses because it does not require too much cost to use. In addition, it provides you with a rich amount of resources and great features, supports the ability to control incidents, ensure safety for users.

VPS has flexibility in managing and deploying activities. In addition, this server system is also scalable and requires an average cost, so it will be an appropriate choice for medium-sized companies or businesses looking to run websites with steady traffic.

Dedicated servers are more demanding in terms of expertise and cost. Therefore, this server system will be suitable for large-scale companies, strong financial capacity and possess a team of highly specialized technical staff.

Hopefully, this article has brought you interesting and useful information about three server systems: Cloud Server, VPS and Dedicated Server.

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