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Compare the difference: Should use Windows 7 or Windows 10?

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You are a regular computer user and always have to upgrade the Windows system. This article will help you better understand Windows 7 and 10 which will help you choose the best operating system for your computer.

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You are wondering and do not know which operating system to choose for your computer. Do not worry, in this article, we will compare Win 7 and Win 10 to help you better understand these two versions of Microsoft operating system.

Introduction to windows 7 and windows 10

Microsoft Windows (or simply Windows) is the name of an operating system based on the graphical user interface developed and distributed by Microsoft. It includes several operating system lines, one of which serves a certain part of the computer industry.

Windows 7 (formerly codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna) is an operating system developed by Microsoft for personal computers. This includes desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, netbooks and other types of media center PCs for home or business. Win 7 was released worldwide on October 22, 2009.

The screen interface of Windows 7/Ph.baomoi.com

Windows 10 is an operating version for individual users, but has more advanced features. Support IT to manage devices and applications in small businesses, protect sensitive data … In addition, it also allows users to access Windows update for Business. Windows 10 was launched worldwide on July 29, 2015.

Compare Windows 7 and Windows 10

About performance and utility

One of the great enhancements is that Windows 10 is capable of significantly increasing performance compared to Windows 7 version. Faster startup time, faster application loading speed, and smoother experience are what you have. You can get it when using Windows 10 instead of Windows 7. In addition, the gaming performance and enhanced graphics of Windows 10 compared to Windows 7 are much improved.

However, not all machines can run well on Windows 10. The reason is that many models in Vietnam run HDD hard drive but install Windows 10. It is really a bit ridiculous. As a result, the page load speed, running software is extremely slow. Even a startup will take a minute.

The Win 10 app store can sync with smartphones so that users can work on two devices conveniently at the same time. Clearly, utilities on Windows 10 are more diverse.

Windows 10 automatically updates Drivers and Windows 7 does not: All drivers on Windows 7 will have to install them all manually, i.e. on the download home page. And Win 10 is the opposite, just have wifi will automatically update.

Antivirus software built into Windows 10: this is a little known but congratulations on reading this content. Because it can block 99% of viruses.

Compared to Windows 7, Windows 10 has the ability to automatically update software. And Windows 7 does not support the update feature, so users will take time to download the installation file or there is no suitable application on the phone.

About the design interface

It can be said that the interface of Win 7 is a bit slick, full and it is hard to see the icons. The icons of Win 7 are designed in 3D or have rounded corners. And the interface of Win 10 has been completely changed compared to Win 7. The whole icon has been brought to the flat interface, colors are also more vibrant and square.

The interface of Win 10 is designed to be simpler, more elegant and easier to identify/Ph.blogs.windows.com

The icons of Win 10 are designed to be simpler, more elegant and more recognizable. Other features in Control Panel and Computer Management have been completely changed.

If you like the new, neat and sophisticated, the design of Win 10 will conquer you completely. But if you like the old interface or don’t want to spend time getting used to the new interface, maybe Win 7 will be more suitable for you.

About the search bar and Start Menu

Click on the Windows 7 Start Menu bar and you will see many basic features and customizations appear. It allows you to quickly access these options in a simple yet effective way.

The Windows 10 Start Menu features a search bar, applications from the Windows Store, and many other applications that you often use or have just installed on your computer. Microsoft is also putting more emphasis on its virtual assistant Cortana. Everything else is on the Windows 10 Start Menu, like an email reader, a calendar, and the ability to search the web form within the menu. In addition, Windows 10 adds the ability to change colors and customize components in the Start Menu.

Should we use Win 7 or Win 10? If you like the new, sophisticated, and neat, the design of Win 10 will conquer you completely. If you like the old look, then Win 7 will work better for you.

About file management

This may not seem like much attention, but longtime Windows users will be interested in this. Windows 7 has a familiar file management interface, dating back to the time of Windows XP.

With Windows 10 the Up button is back. And it comes with a whole host of other File Explorer enhancements. The top menu is arranged in a ribbon, so all common tools are easily accessible and clickable. Even novice Windows users can use it easily.

File manager of Win 10 – all common tools are in an easy to access and click position/Ph.vnreview.vn

There’s also a new Share button that makes it easy to move files between different apps like Outlook, Dropbox or Skype on Windows 10. It’s still not working perfectly, but it’s a step up improvement.

Another good addition is Storage Spaces. Here’s how to group multiple hard drives to form a single logical drive. Although this can be done on Windows 7, you must know how to do and use specialized software. Win 10 has simplified this process, so anyone can do it when needed.

About the notice

The Windows operating system has long had a notification area for all kinds of notifications, in the form of a system tray. With Win 7, you have to track notifications from many different applications.

For Windows 10, system notifications and app notifications are organized into one place, in chronological order. This change is extremely helpful. In Windows 10, this notification area is also where users can quickly access settings on devices such as Wifi, Bluetooth, adjust screen brightness and many other features like on smartphones.

Through this article, we can see how Windows 10 is more useful and upgraded. However, Windows 7 feels familiar and easy to use. Depending on your experience and qualifications, you should choose an operating system that is right for your computer and for yourself.

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