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How to choose a good Windows version that suits your computer

Meta description: The operating system is the backbone of a computer. And a version of the Windows must be compatible with your computer. Read this article to know more about that.

Choosing the right Windows version for your computer is a very important step because it will directly affect the performance and the process of using your computer. 

So how to choose a version of Windows for the computer you are using? And to answer the above question, in this article, we will share our experience with you. Therefore, you can choose a version of Windows that best suits your computer.

Which versions of Windows are common today?

Windows XP – a legend 

On October 25, 2010, a legend in the hearts of many users was born. It is Windows XP, we can say this is a legend of all operating systems. Windows XP was also the holy version that many people used most at that time. 

This version can be used in either enterprise or personal environments. With a polished interface, the first 64-bit concept has also been put into use instead of 32 bit as previous versions.

Windows 7 – the new king of the operating system 

To change and fix the failure of the previous version (Windows Vista), the introduction of Windows 7 is a worthwhile upgrade and used so far because of its high compatibility as well as beautiful graphics.

With a transparent, sleeker interface than Windows Vista, Windows 7 is stable and lighter than the previous version. This makes the success of this operating system. Outside Windows Desktop 7 has made its operating system so minimalist that anyone can use it.

This version has attracted a lot of compliments from analysts and users.

Windows 10 – the last perfect version? 

At the end of 2015, Windows 10 was officially launched in San Francisco. This is the perfect “all in one” version when the first device touch or not is used together. The interface is changed, especially when integrated into Menustart.

And the power of MenuStart is multiplied many times so it is known as its most powerful function. Settings are used instead of Control Panel. Its interface is rated as the most beautiful ever. With the trial version, Technical Preview is highly appreciated by the community.

Microsoft’s development experts are still working on new versions of the core operating system, so we can still expect many fascinating things to appear soon. 

Steps to choose the appropriate Windows version

Step 1: Check your computer configuration

You can quickly check by opening the Run dialogue by tapping the Windows+R key combination. Next, enter the command “dxdiag” and press Enter to perform.

The Run dialogue with the ” dxdiag ” command/Ph.dienmayxanh.com

A dialogue box appears and let’s press YES. The interface of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool appears, pay attention to what i circled.

Chip parameters and RAM parameters you need to know/Ph.bkav.com.vn

Step 2: Analyze the hardware (CPU and RAM) of the computer

On the hardware side, for the normal users, you only should know the CPU and computer RAM.


  1. 20 GHz: the speed of (CPU) chips. 

(4cpus): CPU number. 

So we can calculate the actual speed of CPU is 4 x 2. 2 = 8. 8 GHz. 

Ram is : 4096 / 1024 = 4gb. (1gb = 1024 mb) 

Step 3: Refer to the following table to find the appropriate version

Some notes for you:

For computers with RAM <2GB, the best version of Windows is Win XP. If you want to use the higher version, you can upgrade RAM. Let’s check if the CPU is capable of running the Windows version.

If you want to use your computer to play games or install a lot of software for your studies, we recommend you to use the 64-bit version to get the most out of your hardware and a better experience.

In current versions of Windows, we consider Windows 7 to be the most stable version and it is very compatible with the hardware of the computer.

The only downside to newer versions (Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10) is the speed of turning off the device. Therefore, if you want to use your computer to install specialized software, Windows 7 is probably the best choice for you.

We have just given you everything we know about this. We hope that through this article, you will get the most useful knowledge for yourself. Good luck!

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