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Some main characteristics of cloud computing

Meta: Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular. Let’s take a look at its characteristics.

Cloud computing is considered the optimal solution for business activities and management of businesses and agencies. The following article will help people better understand the key features and advantages of cloud computing.

Characteristics of cloud computing

  • On-Demand Self-Service

The specifications of cloud computing allow customers to unilaterally set resource requirements to meet system requirements such as server time, storage capacity, as well as the ability to meet the Large interaction of the system to the outside.

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  • Ubiquitous/Broad Network Access

The cloud provides services that run on the Internet so customers only need to be connected to the Internet to use the service. Information retrieval devices do not require high configuration (thin or thick client platforms) such as: Mobile phones, Laptops and PDAs, etc.

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  • Location Independent Resource Pooling

Service provider resources are shared. It caters to many users based on the “multi-tenant” model. This model allows hardware and virtualization resources to be provided based on user needs. When user demand decreases or increases, resources will be requisitioned to serve on demand.

Users do not need to care about the controls or they do not need to know the exact location of the resources to be provided. For examples, resources to be provided include: Storage, processor, memory, network bandwidth, and virtual machine resources.

  • Rapid Elasticity

This capability allows it to automatically expand or shrink the system according to the needs of the user quickly. When demand increases, the system will automatically expand by adding resources. When demand decreases, the system will automatically reduce resources.

This capability allows suppliers to use resources effectively, make full use of redundant resources and serve many customers. For service users, the flexibility helps them reduce costs because they only pay for the resources they actually use.

  • Payment according to actual use

Many cloud services use on-demand computing, similar to how traditional utilities like electricity are consumed, while others rely on prepayment. Cloud computing allows to limit storage capacity, bandwidth, computer resources and the number of active users per month.

  • Data security

Service providers must always ensure that the security system is updated continuously and at the same time with all new features through rigorous testing. All operations on the cloud will be regularly monitored and audited by third parties to ensure that safety standards are met.

In addition to the five main characteristics described above, cloud computing offers some of the following:

Reliability: Reliability improves through the use of redundant sites, making it suitable for business continuity and failure recovery. However, most cloud computing services have times of shortage. Therefore, the business manager, IT must make it less.

Endurance: Endurance occurs through improved utilization of resources, more efficient systems. However, computers and associated infrastructure are the main energy consumers.

Maintenance of cloud computing applications is easier, as they do not need to be installed on each user’s computer and can be accessed from different locations¬†

All in all, above are the basic characteristics of cloud computing. Hopefully this article is helpful to you

Some Benefits of cloud computing for bussiness

Cloud computing has many outstanding advantages to help business people and businesses can operate better. One of the advantages of cloud computing is the maximum cost savings in upgrading, maintaining systems, etc.

Not only that, cloud computing processes data perfectly. Businesses can take advantage of this advantage to better understand all activities and business models to make an accurate assessment of the general business market and consumer goods supply market to give directions to expand and develop business activities.

Besides, cloud computing also helps businesses to statistics, analyze data, and synthesize data most accurately. Cloud computing is the perfect solution for businesses that do not know how to manage distribution channels and agents effectively. Thanks to this method, businesses can capture the product consumption market and offer suitable business strategies.

All in all, put simply, Cloud Computing is a model that provides computer resources to users via the internet. According Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer, “it is a model in which information is stored permanently on servers on the Internet and is only temporarily stored on client computers, including PCs, mediums, entertainment center, business computers, portable computer media, etc “. And thanks to the great advantages of the business activities of enterprises, cloud computing is increasingly popular.

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