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Why should you choose to use VPS over other things?

Meta: What is VPS? What are the benefits, advantages and disadvantages for users? Should VPS be used?

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Today VPS is widely used for businesses and small business models when bringing goods to the Internet to promote products is the hottest trend. It can be said that VPS will meet your needs even if the limited funds cannot invest in physical servers. So should we choose VPS or not? Join us to find out soon.

What is VPS?

VPS is created by virtualization technology instead of using the management software/Ph.Webzo

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtual server, created by dividing a physical server into many other servers. These virtual servers have the same features as private servers. VPS works as a source share from the original physical server.

VPS is a form of virtual server created by the method of dividing a physical server into many different servers with similar features as a private server. And each VPS will have a separate CPU part, RAM capacity, HDD capacity, IP address and operating system, users have full root control and can restart the system anytime they want.

VPS is created by virtualization technology instead of using the management software (hosting control panel) common to manage. The number of VPS is always much lower than the number of hosting if installed on the same server system, so the stability and performance of VPS resources are always superior to hosting. A VPS can contain hundreds of different hosting. 

Instead of using a physical server to serve a website, VPS can accommodate many websites and greater traffic. This form will save costs for businesses more effectively than ever.

The pros and cons of VPS

The pros and cons of VPS/Ph.Webhosting

Pros of VPS

  • Faster and more reliable than a shared server. 
  • Because of the guaranteed server parameters like memory and processor power, you will not encounter resource problems that are used up by others.
  • The issue of increased traffic spike does not affect your site.
  • You have superuser (root) permissions on the server.
  • More privacy, because files and databases are locked from other users’ server system.
  • Easy to upgrade. As soon as the website grows, you only need to upgrade the hosting package to upgrade resources without having to spend data transfer or server transfer (RAM, CPU, disk space, bandwidth, etc.).

Cons of VPS

  • VPS is affected by the operation and stability of the physical server that creates it.
  • The use of a shared physical server makes your VPS dependent.
  • It takes time and money to upgrade resources and cannot expand much.
  • The operation and performance of VPS is not as effective as expected.

Reasons to choose VPS

The era of cloud computing boom, when using VPS was the inevitable trend to replace traditional servers. Here are the reasons that you should choose VPS:

VPS was the inevitable trend to replace traditional servers/Ph.XMinteresting


Finding, adding drivers (download, embed and setup) for the attached devices when using the physical server is sometimes a tedious task. With VPS, peripherals such as drives, network cards, are all virtualized and installing them is just a few mouse clicks.

Make the most of resources

I have a server running Windows-based applications with ½ of the system capacity, now my need arises to run additional applications based on Linux. Without a VPS, I would have to invest in a second server system, which is very expensive and cumbersome and the capacity of the other system has not been fully exploited. With VPS, I will quickly divide this server into 2 smaller servers, saving, taking advantage and managing easily

Backup, move data quickly

It took me a few days to finish configuring a complex system. I want to backup this entire system and store it so that whenever there’s a problem, I take that backup file and run it again. VPS will be the solution to that problem. Of course I can use image creation programs like Ghost or True images but it depends a lot on the hardware configuration and I definitely have to sit for hours in a cold IDC, the service will have to be suspended for the time being.  “create photo” there. With VPS, I just need to sit at home, press a backup button, even if my server shows a hardware error, press another button I will move the entire system running to another secure server safer.

DC virtualization and centralized management system

I manage dozens of servers, each time I have to log in to each machine to check and monitor each one. With VPS solution, I will virtualize all these servers and just log in to a single system to monitor the status of all remaining servers.

VPS is the choice right between the shared hosting and the physical server. Choose VPS you still share resources with other users. However, your resources are prearranged and you have full control and utilization of this resource at your disposal. With a VPS, you are getting a lot of benefits like a dedicated server – for a more affordable price. In short, hosting on a VPS can give you the best conditions for further development.

VPS is a great solution for high traffic sites, requiring lots of server resources or e-commerce websites.  Businesses using VPS can enjoy the advantages thanks to the excellent stability of this service. If you want a reliable solution, a pure commercial environment and guaranteed high growth, with the cheapest price, then VPS is the best choice!

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