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Windows 7 is dead. What should businesses do?

support for Windows 7: In fact, Microsoft support for Windows 7 Windows 7 on November 14 Microsoft has announced the discontinuation of support for Windows 7 since January 14, 2020 after 10 years of product support for Windows 7. This information has surprised users worldwide. In fact, this operating system …

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Advantages of Windows 10, operating system of Microsoft

Meta: Since its launch, Windows 10 has shown its outstanding advantages through a series of improvements in every aspect; which helps it conquer and attract a lot of users around the globe. Windows 10 is one of the latest operating systems for computers which is released by Microsoft. Since its …

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Why should you choose to use VPS over other things?

Meta: What is VPS? What are the benefits, advantages and disadvantages for users? Should VPS be used? Key: VPS Today VPS is widely used for businesses and small business models when bringing goods to the Internet to promote products is the hottest trend. It can be said that VPS will …

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5 Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2020

Many people prefer basic shared web hosting service when starting a website. But as your website grows, it needs grow too. That’s the time you start looking at virtual private server as VPS providers make more system resources which results in the faster and more responsive website. If you experience …

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Compare Cloud Server with Vps and Dedicated Server

Meta: Here are some useful information about Vps, Cloud Server and Dedicated Server. Key: Vps Cloud Server, VPS and Dedicated Server are 3 common server systems. In fact,  although they have similarities but they still possess many different features.  The following article will give you some useful information and point …

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The future of cloud computing according to experts

Meta: Have you ever wondered about the future of cloud computing – a vital part of businesses? Here are some opinions of the industry experts. ——————————– The invention of cloud computing has been bringing plenty of advantages. Cloud computing becomes an essential part of any business. Let’s see what experts …

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